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Key Facts

  • 2014
  • Convertible
  • 2,700 miles
  • Manual
  • 1.0L Petrol

Below you'll find a FULLY DETAILED description of what's on offer here.

This Morgan Tribute Evocation is the result of a four years build process. No corners were ever cut and it has been built using the very best of everything and features numerous unique details - many sourced from overseas at great expense - to bring its spec. up to the very highest level.

The car currently displays 2700 miles on the odometer the first year was spent tweaking and adjusting suspension settings.  For anyone who doubts a three wheeler's stability, let me assure you it sticks to the road like glue - aided by the use of those (chromed) Westfield wide-track front wishbones providing extra stability.

Take a good look at the photos which speak for themselves. Period-looking Reseda Green, The two-pack green paint topped off with three coats of clear lacquer really sets-off the polished alloy body panels spectacularly.

Regarding the V-twin Moto Guzzi power plant, here's a snippet from a contemporary bike magazine review back in the day :... “At the centre of the LeMans 1000 is its engine, and what an engine it is. Uprated with 47/40mm intake and exhaust valves, a larger combustion chamber, high dome 10.0 pistons, 40mm Dell ‘Orto PHM pumper carburettors and the hi-lift B10 camshaft from the LeMans race kit, the LeMans 1000 delivers a bare knuckle punch unlike any Moto Guzzi before it..." 

Apart from the Westfield wide-track wishbones mentioned previously, the front end also includes all lightweight alloy components comprising uprights, hubs, Wilwood Power light callipers and Protech shocks. Front discs are new, skimmed down to 9mm width and cross-drilled for lightness. Front wheels are new 19" outer-laced wire wheels from MWS shod with Avon SM2 tyres which have been fitted with super-rare 19" white wall tyre trims - sourced from Turkey of all places! Front wheels are secured via new knock-on winged spinners.

The V-twin motor, 5-speed tranny and rear shaft drive unit are all from the 1000cc 'Guzzi LeMans. All parts were inspected, cleaned, re-painted and polished as necessary. The original point’s ignition was dispensed with and Lucas Rita electronic ignition was installed. Brand new polished alloy rocker covers and generator cover are fitted. A fabricated custom nickel-plated system breathing through a pair of chromed filters are also fitted. The freshly painted motor and tranny were finished off with two coats of clear protective lacquer. For sure, this really is a drive-train you could literally 'eat your dinner off'.

A Bailey-Morris split prop-shaft transmits power from the V-twin motor to the rear drive box via a superb MNR Racing reversing gearbox.

Gear shifting is sequential, using the wood-knobbed gear lever. Push the lever forward to engage 1st gear, then back to engage 2/3/4/5. Also fitted is a digital gear indicator up-front-and-centre on the dash which helps avoid guessing or remembering what gear you're in. The separate reversing gearbox's lever is located ahead of the regular shift lever. Simply pulling this lever up engages reverse, with a 2:1 ratio. Slick. 

Look closely at the photo showing under the bonnet and you'll notice the pedal box's location is adjustable fore/aft and can be set-up to suit whoever is driving - a clever touch- Drivers 6ft and over will fit OK thanks to this feature. You'll also notice the Wilwood tandem master cylinder and the custom-made Venhill braided stainless brake hoses fitted throughout. Meaning no copper brake lines.

Rear braking is courtesy of a fully (rebuilt) Brembo P08 calliper from Moto Guzzi, A new lightweight alloy handbrake calliper by Hi-Spec is installed. Rear suspension is taken care of via the excellent, multi-adjustable KONI 'Dial-a-Ride shocks from 'Moto Guzzi. A new Avon 130/70-19 rear tyre was also fitted.

This cockpit is certainly a place to feel comfortable in. Snug, for sure, but that's a plus in a car like this which makes the driver feel part of the whole driving experience.

Centre-piece of the cockpit is the polished alloy centre console which features the same 'aircraft themed' raised alloy ribs used on the alloy body sides and cycle wings. Both the dash and rear bulkhead feature an engine-turned finish AND lockable compartments. The custom upholstery on the tilting bucket seats, 'door cards' and arm rests were done by Intatrim of Telford. Matching new seat belts are installed. The seats tilt on hinged alloy plinths supported by gas struts, thus giving access to the rear stowage compartments located under the rear deck cover. All instrumentation is Veglia, speedo and tacho, plus voltmeter and fuel gauge, this has been set-off with polished alloy bezels imported from the US. Both speedo and tacho are also capped off with chromed visors. Other details sourced at great expense from the US include those lovely triple-plated Samson fishtail mufflers, nifty rear indicators/tail lights, alloy fuel cap, alloy exhaust brackets and chromed metal 'Super Sport' logos. A pair of polished alloy Brooklands aero screens help keep the flies out of your face. Chromed Lucas mirrors are genuine - and ridiculously expensive - Raydyot pillar lamp are fitted. A really nice touch is the period-looking polished copper & brass fire extinguisher and its bracket, bolted to the rear bulkhead between the seat backs. To make cockpit entry/exit a snip, a polished alloy quick-release steering boss is installed, to which the wood-rimmed Moto Lita steering wheel is fitted with a period-looking Bakelite centre cap is secured. An absolute necessity if you ask me. How else would you clamber aboard without stepping on the seat upholstery otherwise...?

Look inside the hinged lids of the glove box and rear stowage compartments and you'll find a cheeky surprise. A commissioned period-looking custom “California Girl bomber nose art” which will always raise a smile at car shows.

Check out under the bonnet - centre hinged and secured in the raised position via gas struts - and you'll see there's a polished stainless fuel tank with alloy flip-cap and custom-made 'period' water-slide decal applied. Those lovely 40mm Dell ‘Orto pumper carbs have been fitted with new gaskets and now sport chromed filters. Much of the under-bonnet electrical wiring and relays are tidily stored in a recessed box with removable alloy lid situated immediately ahead of the fuel tank. The front bulkhead cowl panel has just been newly vinyl-wrapped in chrome and the cowl's bonnet recess has been trimmed with new rubber extrusion.

Rather than being riveted in place, those lovely polished alloy body-side panels are secured to the epoxy-painted frame via M4 stainless button-head screws. Hand-tapping all the hundreds of fixing holes using an M4 tap was obviously a very labour intensive task, but it means the lower body side panels are all removable for access, should that ever be necessary. In fact it's worth pointing out that EVERY fastener on this project is stainless - apart from when high tensile fasteners have been necessary to maintain structural integrity.

The centre-hinged polished alloy bonnet and lift off rear deck cover are each secured by four 'period' stainless help the ‘period' look. Up front the radiator surround and restored winged goddess mascot were professionally chrome painted by Chrome Effects of Burton-on-Trent. And a superb job they made of it too, with 10 coats of clear lacquer protecting the shimmering chromed surface. The chrome-painted surround is adorned with a stainless mesh grille.

Exhaust headers and side pipes are all stainless, as are the clamps. Those imported triple-plated, straight-through Samson mufflers were originally unbaffled but immediately prior to submitting the Trike for its MSVA test it was decided to make some effort to quieten things down a bit, So some baffles inside the side pipes just ahead of the mufflers were fitted. The Trike passed the 91 decibel limit during its MSVA test, but it's still loud enough to wake the dead and puts a smile on your face every time you fire her up, the sound of a V-twin rumble. Love it.

Bringing-up the rear, the rear deck cover sports nifty alloy/rubber luggage rails. The rear number plate surround is a new - but much modified to fit the rear bodywork contours - BSA unit fitted with a reproduction Vincent-style 'STOP' light.

Located under the rear deck cover are three removable alloy panels - one either side of the rear wheel, another above - which give maintenance access to the rear wheel, swing arm and rear shaft drive box.

No corners were EVER cut in this Evocation it is a well-sorted beauty. Seriously folks, this is the best there is.

If you want provenance, we have all the donor 'Guzzi paperwork, a full photographic build record of the project and a complete folder of invoices for every component part purchased during construction.

 With its mega-spec. and build quality is an absolute snip considering a new Morgan 3 Wheeler will cost upwards of £35K...and won't look so 'period'. And you'll get just as many folks wanting to photograph it and ask what it is - so if you're the shy, retiring type, this isn't for you. It'll always draw a crowd wherever it's parked up. It's been one of the star attractions at several classic car shows.

This is a serious three wheeler for which we are hoping to attract serious buyers.


For more details please contact us.

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