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Larry Webb : Outside the Sovereign Cars Showroom Sovereign Cars has developed an utterly fascinating specialist car centre over the last five years. "I've always been a total car enthusiast," says Larry Webb, almost beaming with pride. "As a boy I used to stand around outside Lawrencetune's place under the railway arches at Hammersmith watching all the special cars going in and out. Chris Lawrence had driven a Morgan to victory at Le Mans in 1963 and a lot of amazing race cars were repaired and built there. So no prizes for guessing where my first job was. I left school in 1971, at 15 years old, with no qualifications, to become an apprentice mechanic under the arches. Some of the most memoriiable projects included the Deep Sanderson and Monica prototypes."
No-one minds you browsing quietly around at Sovereign Cars and, as you struggle to take on board the full enormity of the dream machines on offer, that's probably the best thing to do, with the superb 15000 sq,ft showroom containing around 30 little beauties and the forecourt crowded with high-performance and niche model production cars (normally about 40 of them), this place takes a little settling into, If you can drag your eyes off the cars, the showroom's superb neon signs are worth more than a glance.

The jukebox is brilliant and even the loo is very special! A couple more cars are normally getting attention in the workshop at the far end of the showroom, few jobs being beyond the skills of the boss, Larry Webb and his highly skilled and dedicated team. While the team keeps the well oiled machine turning, Larry runs the company, does the buying, gets involved in sales and enjoys the diagnostic side of sorting cars out.

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